Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Draw New Things

So here is a layout I made using Basic Grey Green at Heart papers.
I kept this one really simple, and spent most of my time making those flowers while listening to music....
I also used an old Cuttlebug alphabet for part of the title, which I haven't done in ages. It's time to put those things to use that have been neglected for too long! Use it or sell it is now my motto.

Onto the picture. I had to basically stand on my head to get a picture of Nili at the coloring table drawing, as the table sits against the wall in a corner, but that look on her face was too precious to miss. She was so proud as she showed me that she can now draw flowers. They are beautiful, long stemmed, whimsical, rainbow colored things that just make me smile. The amazing thing is that the day before this picture was taken, she couldn't do it. I mean she didn't know how to draw a flower. Then, the next day, she suddenly decided that yes, she can draw a flower... and she did it! It is absolutely amazing to watch her learn and develop like this, right before my very eyes!

Technique tip: To help fill in the background a bit, I used a couple of die cut scalloped circles as a stencil, and traced around them with my black pen. I hesitated before doing this, as one false move could ruin the whole layout, but I think I'm satisfied.

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  1. Really pretty flowers - all of them!
    And a precious photo too ;)
    Big hugs,